Tanglewood TW47 E LH
Item Description:

The TW47E was made famous in the UK by Corrine Bailey Rae who recorded her #1 breakthrough album using this guitar model. The TW47E is very special to Tanglewood.

For years, the right hand version was a very big seller and we petitioned Tanglewood to make some custom Left Hand versions for our customers. As such a decision was made to release limited quantities worldwide each year. As a result, we almost always have one in stock all year round to satisfy the constant demand.

Fine African Solid Mahogany timbers with abalone soundhole rosette and logo appointments, the TW47E LH is as special to hear as it is to look at.

Although finished in luxurious high gloss Mahogany, the guitar exudes a warm Bass rich tonality that can be fine tuned through the onboard Fishman electronics to meet any studio or stage demand.

We couldn't recommend a guitar more highly than this one

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